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It’s time for a new paradigm, a “stuff movement.”

We already know that the food we put in our bodies affects our health, our happiness, our planet. It’s the same with the objects we make, buy, use, sell, and toss. We are all familiar with the problem. Too much cheap stuff, poorly designed to fall apart, lots of clutter. It’s ruining the planet—and it doesn’t even make us happy.

Our system of consumption is broken. Let’s fix it.

I’m ready to help you bring circular economy solutions - and a healthy, sustainable relationship with stuff - to your organization.

Good for you. Good for local economies. Good for the planet.

(These are ideas for handwritten words on pictures at left)

Design Thinking.

Experiential Learning.


Project based innovation.

Thought leadership & just plain leadership.

Change Management.

Simple steps, big results.

Sh*t is broken. Let’s fix it.

We hear a lot about the circular economy, but what is it? It means changing the way we design our goods, our workplaces, our supply chains. It means changing our conception of value - and tapping into the enormous value of what we already have.

Change sounds hard, and scary. But it doesn’t have to be. I bring decades of experience in design thinking and project-based innovation that can help, step by step, test and build new models.

It’s time to tell a new story with our stuff.



It’s time to join the stuff movement.

This is the future of design, of retail, of consumption. Let’s build it, together.