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Retail companies


Hire me to redefine your value chain and incorporate retail into your business model.


My company, Fixup, has proven turn-key options ready to go, including pop up repair and reuse events, cobranded or not.

I offer design-thinking based consulting on long-term solutions to shift the value chain.

Profit multiple times from the same item. Gain foot traffic. Get press. Build community.

Build a healthy new revenue model for tomorrow, today.

Businesses, academia, communities

Speaking & Workshops

Book an interactive workshop or a more traditional speaking engagement to build excitement and spark change in your organization.

Workshops include collaborative design-thinking events to help tackle specific challenges within your organization, or get more hands-on and learn repair and reuse skills.

Talks cover topics like the circular economy, the stuff movement, the wellness-stuff connection, and green design and production.

Generate excitement. Open a conversation in your workplace. Spark change.

Theatre, live performance, events

Circular Design

Create a memorable performance or event that is sustainably conceived and executed.

As a designer for your live performance, or as a consultant for your theatre or production company, I provide simple steps and easy tools to align your work with your values.

Spend money on people, not stuff. Make the most of what you have, at each step in the production process.

Consider the social and environmental impact of your production as a creative constraint that will fuel your work, not limit it.

Design and build green. Support local artisans. Cut emissions and spend less. Shows and events designed for today’s world.

Passionate about the circular economy?

Check out upcoming events.